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One of the toughest tasks when choosing a financial adviser is knowing which you can trust and which you can’t. Not only that, when you’re living abroad you also need one which either speaks English fluently, or better still, is actually British themselves – otherwise you stand the chance of losing something in translation and […]

Tax advice for non-British expats living in the UK

If you are a non-British expat living in the UK, this guide will provide you with a detailed, but easy to understand explanation of your UK tax requirements. Do I have to pay tax in the UK? The biggest tax question for any expat living in the UK is whether they have to pay UK […]

Tax in Spain for Expats

Tax in Spain is a very complicated affair and there are potentially severe fines and penalties for anybody who fails to declare and pay the correct tax in Spain. Given that Spain has become of the most popular destinations for expats to relocate to anywhere in the world, for expats living in Spain, understanding the […]

Tax in Portugal for Expats

The Portuguese tax system is one of the more generous in Europe and quickly becoming a popular destination for expats from the UK and other countries. For high-net worth individuals, the Portuguese tax system is particularly favourable and combined with other factors, including being one of the leading countries for R&D into new technologies, it’s […]

Tax in France for Expats

Expats living in France will need to understand the basics of French tax law to avoid penalties. If you are a resident in France you are likely to be required to complete a French tax return, primarily to cover tax on your income, property sales or have significant personal wealth. As in the UK, you […]

Cyprus tax for Expats

If you are one of over 70,000 British expats living in Cyprus, it is essential to understand the Cyprus tax rules that you face. This article provides a general overview of the Cyprus tax situation, however it should never be used in isolation or relied upon to make decisions about your Cyprus tax obligations. You […]

Canada tax for Expats

Canada is a highly desirable country to live for many people looking to move abroad with excellent quality of life and wonderful people. But as with relocation to any country, understanding the tax system is imperative for anybody planning to move to Canada or already living there. This article provides a general overview of the […]

Taxes in Brazil for foreign nationals and Brazilians living abroad

Expats moving to Brazil or planning to work temporarily in Brazil often find that local accountants are not familiar with the international concepts, double taxation treaties or the tax rules that are applicable to expats in Brazil. There’s similar confusion when Brazilian nationals move abroad and hold on to their investments at home. Problems can […]

Belgium tax for expats

Belgium is renowned for having higher taxes than many other countries, however it is also considered the administrative heart of the European Union and also boasts an excellent standard of living making it a very attractive country to live. We have prepared this overview of Belgium tax for expats primarily as a guide for British […]