Should I transfer my pension?

Under what conditions should I consider transferring my pension offshore? Will you ever return to the UK in retirement and become a resident? If the answer is yes, then you should not consider transferring you pension offshore. However, if you will be retiring abroad, even if it is still a little way off, you may […]

Do I qualify for a British pension?

I live abroad, but don’t know what I’m entitled to regarding the state pension. Do I qualify for a British State Pension? A British state pension is afforded to those who have paid in the required amount of National Insurance during their lifetime no matter where they live. You may also be eligible to pension […]

What is Split Year Treatment?

I am spending some of this tax year working abroad and therefore I am not going to be a tax resident in the UK for the whole tax year. What is Split Tax Treatment, will it apply to me and how could I benefit from applying it? Split Year Treatment is the special UK tax […]

What is RDR3?

I live outside the UK and I have been asked to check RDR3 to understand more about my UK tax residence status, but what is RDR3? RDR3 is HMRC’s published guidance note which gives you information about the UK’s Statutory Residence Test. If you are brave enough to review RDR3 you will see it has […]

What is Generational Inheritance Tax?

I know about Inheritance Tax is, but what is generational inheritance tax and is generational inheritance tax avoidable? As a British expat, unless you have changed your domicile you will still be liable for inheritance tax in the UK, as well as potentially inheritance tax in your country of residence. Under normal circumstances if you […]

Do I have to pay stamp duty?

I’m currently a UK non-resident but I am considering buying a house in the UK. Do I have to pay stamp duty to the HMRC? s with most tax questions, it will depend on your personal circumstances as to whether you are required to pay stamp duty when buying a house in the UK. Unlike […]

Do I have to pay inheritance tax?

My estate is valued at over £350,000. If I die abroad, do I have to pay inheritance tax? Under UK rules, inheritance tax depends on the domicile of the deceased. Your domicile is often the country of your birth, but is defined as your permanent home. If you were born in the UK and then […]

What is an “Expat Will”?

I have moved abroad and am now considering how my estate gets distributed when I die and want to create a Will. Is there such a thing as an “Expat Will”? The first important element to answer is that there is no single legal document that is known as an “Expat Will”. This is because […]

How do you move abroad?

I’m thinking of relocating, but how do I actually go about moving abroad? Moving abroad can be highly stressful, but it should always be viewed as an opportunity. To make you initial decision, you need to consider your key reasons for leaving your current country of residence and understand if moving abroad will offer you […]