Best travel insurance options for expats

Travelling while living abroad introduces a number of different challenges regarding what kind of cover your travel insurance may provide you. When travelling, many people simply choose one of the options presented to us either by the travel agent, airline company or travel website. However, as an expat, your personal situation might exclude you from […]

Ensuring you are covered

Insurance for an overseas move is very different from your typical domestic home-owners or renters policy. Invest in package policies specifically designed to cover the unique aspects of international assignments. Consider the following areas of coverage: Coverage for items left in commercial storage Transportation coverage on items shipped by sea, air and truck, etc. Coverage […]

Before you relocate

While there is a certain allure to travelling the world and experiencing new countries and cultures, many people forget is that there is a very big difference between being a tourist and an expat. Being an expat often brings more legal requirements, paperwork, responsibilities and risk. However, the rewards are great, as long as the proper steps […]

Life Insurance for Expats

In many cases, if you already have life insurance through a major provider, you may find you don’t have to change a thing except provide the company with an address change – and arrange payments from your existing bank account. You could already be covered no matter where you live – again, check with your […]

Expat Car Insurance

For expats moving abroad, one of the first and most important types of insurance considered by many is international motor insurance. Most standard insurance policies will not cover your vehicle once you leave your country of residence it’s therefore essential that you purchase a car insurance policy which provides coverage for the entire time you […]

Expat Health Insurance

For UK residents, having access to the NHS is often taken for granted. In many of the popular expat destinations around the world, such a service isn’t available for free and medical treatment can be expensive if the right Health Insurance policy is not taken out. Often expats who are relocated as part of their […]

Expat Home Insurance

Home and contents insurance for an overseas move is very different from your typical domestic homeowners or renters home insurance policy. It is important that as an expat you invest in a home insurance policy specifically designed to cover the unique aspects of your expat situation. It is not recommended that expats rely on the insurance […]