New Capital Gains Tax rules for British expats and non-UK residents

As of April 6th 2015, a Capital Gains Tax loophole in the UK was closed which means that gains realised on all UK properties owned by non-residents will be subject to capital gains tax.

Complete the form to request a free Capital Gains Tax consultation with a qualified UK tax adviser who will help you understand everything you need to know about the Capital Gains Tax rules changes and how they may affect you.

Your free tax consultation will include

  • Answer any questions you have about Capital Gains Tax
  • Review your current tax situation
  • Discuss how the new Capital Gains Tax rules may affect you
  • Offer advice on your next course of action

Act now to avoid unnecessary UK Capital Gains Tax

If you own property in the UK and are considering taking advantage of rapidly rising house prices, you may wish to reconsider your options.

The UK tax loophole which allowed overseas investors and British Expats to avoid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has now been closed.

Make sure you understand the new Capital Gains Tax Rules and the full array of options which could reduce your exposure to all types of UK and international taxation – now and in the future.

Apply now for your free tax consultation

Complete the form to apply for your free tax consultation with a qualified tax adviser who will be able to help you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the new Capital Gains Tax rules for UK non-residents
  • Calculate possible capital gains tax owed, incorporating any tax relief
  • Mitigate future capital gains tax through appropriate asset management
  • Discover the offshore investment vehicles which could help you protect and grow your assets
  • Reduce your exposure to all types of UK taxation
  • Plan your estate to avoid potential inheritance tax

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